Quilted Northern - Northern tissue deception

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I first noticed that the Northern roll was not as wide as the Costco brand (KIRKLAND). Northern was .5" narrower than Costco brand, Northern advertises a double roll as having 242 double ply sheets while a roll of Costco has 425 sheets per roll but doesn't advertise it as a double roll.

I am sure it is because the Costco roll has a smaller core diameter 1.75" compared to Costco's 1.5" core. Put the two together and you pay more and get less.

I have been more astute to these kinds of frauds after realizing how Dial was making their soap bars with less product and disguising it by hollowing out front and back of the bar. Now I watch all products for similar deceptions.

Review about: Quilted Soft And Strong.



So did you have the time to sit down and count the number of sheets on a roll of each brand? I have noticed in different brands some of them are rolled onto the roll a lot tighter than on others.


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